Hand wired point to point tube amplifier

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vibro champ

1967 Vibro Champ

I bought this amp for $110 back in late 1980's. This amp is where it all began for me getting into rebuilding and building amps from scratch.

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Vibro Champ chassis


tweed twin double stack

Tweed 4-10", 1-15" double stack with a 5f8a head.

This is the first amp and cabinet setup I built. I mainly built this amp for bass but it does sound good for playing clean guitar. I loaded the cab with Eminence Legend series lead guitar speakers. This amp rocks for bass guitar. You can pop the strings on the bass with this setup and not hear that disgusting tweeter bottoming out sound. The legend series speaker is definitely not my choice for playing lead guitar. It does sound good with my semi hollow body playing clean, especially with the 15".

The photo flash caused the transformers and chassis to really stand out in the picture. That is not the way it looks normally. In a darker room you can see the tubes glowing though the grill cloth. I built the cab this way for more air flow.

The head is a 5f8a late 50's circuit (Fender Tweed Twin). I built this stock with no modifications.

tweed 5f8a head

It cost me approximately a $1000 to build this setup.



side view of tweed double stack


4-10 bassman

4-10", 20-watt bassman
I love this amp. It is a 5f6a (fender bassman) except I put in a fender deluxe power transformer & output transformer to convert it into a 20w with 6v6 tubes. It sounds best cranked to 10 to 12 on the volume. This amp seems to cover up and hide my sloppy play 'in. Blues tone all the way like a (SRV tone). Very aggressive and pretty loud for 2 6v6 tubes. It almost sounds like it has reverb on it. 4 weber 10" 15 watt signature series speakers at $45 each. I love them. I did not build the cabinet on this one.
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4-10 top view


Burger Amplifers

Modified 5e5 into a high gain amp.

I designed and built this cabinet with a TV front style look. This amp was a proto type for experimenting. I first built this amp as 5e3 (tweed deluxe). I then modified it into a 5e5 fender pro tweed era. After that I added a stage of gain with 1/2 a tube that was not being used and put a master control on the rear of the chassis. I put in a 12" jenson P12Q 40 watt for the speaker.

It has a crystal clear tone to singing distortion. The sustain on this amp is incredible. This amp also sounds like it has reverb on it. I went and jammed with some people and the bass player asked me if it had reverb on it.

The wiring is point to point and I figured out a way to eliminate a lot of excess wire.

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bassman 10

1972 Fender Bassman Ten
This amp is a good bass amp but not loud enough with a full band. Not really a guitar amp.
I decided to mod it into a more of a marshall tone. Keeping with the way the front panel is laid out I modified the circuit in the normal channel to a 6g6 (61 bassman) and the studio channel to a plexy marshall with more gain. The master control only works on the studio channel. I did not like the original 32 ohm oxford speakers at first so I took them out and put in legend 105's. I didn't like them either so I put the oxford's back in and the more I played the amp the more I liked them. They are very smooth with the distortion and a little darker sounding. The amp definitely has true vintage tone reminiscent of the 60's. More like a Free (it's all right now) tone.
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bassman 10 speaker view



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